Could I Have a Longer Eyeshape?

Hello Doctors, Im ninteen and biracial(black/white) not asian and I was wondering with all the surgeries out there to make eyes wider, are there any that can make them longer? (Ex. Kim kardashian's eyeshape) My actual eyeshape is beady, small and round. Unable to upload any pictures(sorry!) If so, could I get it the same day as a rhinoplasty? I did a LOT of research on other girls who got it, but they were all asian. So what would it look like on someone who is not?

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Eyelid shape can be changed

The shapes of the eyelids can be changed. It sounds like you might benefit from a procedure called a lateral canthoplasty. This is where the lateral (outer) corner of the eyelids is repositioned to change the shape of the eyelid. It can make a rounder eye more slit like or narrow. Please see a surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgery.

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