Long, Crooked Chin and a Wide Nose? (photo)

I feel my chin is quite large. In certain pictures it doesn't look that awful, but, in others, especially when smiling, it conflicts with the rest of my face. I also feel that my nose, while altogether a decent shape, is too wide and quite bulbous at the tip. I am seriously considering both a chin reduction and rhinoplasty. I don't have any specific questions because I am not especially knowledgeable about these procedures, but I am hoping this will help. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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Long, crooked chin and a wide nose?

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According to the picture shown, the chin projection is adequate and does not need to be reduced.  A simple chin implant to widen the chin area such as a Mittelman Pre-Jowl implant would help widen the chin area.  Custom carving of the implant would be required to offset the preexisting asymmetries.  A bulbous nasal tip would be best addressed through a tip rhinoplasty which would narrow and refine the nasal tip by tip suturing techniques and cartilage removal as well.

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Tip rhinoplasty to create a more harmonious facial contour

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From the photographs that you have submitted I would not recommend a chin reduction, the tip of your nose is a bit wide for your face and a tip rhinoplasty would help to reduce the fullness in this area.  From your profile view your dorsum looks good as does your tip projection.  Of course a more thorough examination is needed to give you specifics and computer generated imaging will also help you visualize and communicate the changes that you desire.  Also with imaging we can evaluate the proportions  of your face.  

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I would not suggest chin reduction surgery, but a rhinoplasty is up to you.

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When I look at your face from your profile, you chin is not too large. It comes out to a level below you lower lip which is quite attractive. From the front view, I do not think you chin is large but I think the jaw on the side of the chin are weak. I would add volume to your jawline to the sides of chin, and I think that would give you the best facial harmony.


In regards to your nose, it is commonly for patients to undergo a rhinoplasty to increase the definition in the tip and narrow the nose.


I hope this helps.


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