How Long for Wrinkles from Retin-A to Reverse?

I've received very positive advice from the panel previously. On a dermatologists recommendation I used Retin-A 0.1% under my eyes for fine wrinkles & crepe'ing. The skin is now sensitive (no redness), very dry, thin, & much more wrinkled looking. I've stopped using Retin-A for three weeks now. The dry, cracked, wrinkled & thin look is not mending. Moisturising well. I've been told by the panel that things will return to normal, they don't seem to be. How long could this take to resolve? Ever?

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Dry skin and crepiness of eyelids after Retin A

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The dryness and wrinkling with use of Retin A on eyelids is due to irritation.  Eyelid skin is extremely sensitive and does not have oil glands. 

What I recommend to my patients is to apply Retin A only once or twice a week in this area, to start with the lowest strength and to apply a bland moisturizer made for sensitive skin first and Retin A on top of it.

For now, apply some petroleum jelly twice a day, use only a soap-free cleanser, avoid make up and make up removers for now.  If that does not help, you need to consult a dermatologist to get an eczema treatment prescribed.  A few days of a cortisone ointment should make it much better, but cortisones must be used very cautiously around the eyes as they can increase intraocular pressure and lead to glaucoma.  If you have no history of glaucoma, your dermatologist can prescribe a low-potency cortisone ointment to be used for two days twice a day and for two days once a day.  But please do that only under the supervision of a physician.

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