Downtime After Hi Def Vaser on Several Body Areas

How long would you typically need off work after hi def lipo from upper/lower abdo, hips , flanks and inner/outer thighs? i work on my feet as a nurse for 12 hr shifts also.

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Vaser liposuction: downtime after vaser lipo

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hello mange19   

A short period of rest of 12-24 hours is usually recommended immediately after the procedure. Activity is largely dependent upon how you, the patient feels. Like traditional liposuction, there are no large incisions or treatment of underlying tissues such as muscle that need healing.  Recovery is mostly base on the level of soreness or bruising that you may experience, however, most activity is unlikely to delay healing or create problems with recovery. #downtime #thighs

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Vaser Hi def

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Vaser hi def uses ultrasonic energy to perform the liposuction.  Expect to be a bit tired after the procedure for several days post-op.

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