How Long Will It Take to Whiten Sensitive Teeth?

What at home products can be used to whiten sensitive teeth? If reducing the strength helps with sensitivity, then will it take twice as long to get the results, how many months? Should treatments be spread out to every other day?

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Teeth Whitening

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With teeth whitening it is important to keep in mind sensitive teeth will whiten the same as nonsensitive and every patient will have individual results. For patients with really sensitive teeth, we recommend to put them on a fluoride treatment two weeks prior to the procedure. If the patient still happens to have sensitivity, we can offer options to him or her. There are take-home trays available, or we can customize an in-office treatment to suit your needs. If you are interested in brightening your smile, please call our office to schedule a free cosmetic consultation and we'll take care of you!

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Time to whiten sensitive teeth

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There is no standard of time to whiten sensitive or non reactive teeth. With professionally administered tray whitening, the average is two weeks. If you have very sensitive teeth to cold, sweets, or touch, you should have an examination to determine if the sensitivity is due to grinding (bruxism), erosion, decay or recession. You may want to have those problems eliminated or controlled first. You may use a desensitizing toothpaste, such as Fluoriguard, prior to your whitening or have Fluoride treatments. When you start your whitening, if there is sensitivity, you can use the trays for shorter periods of time which would extend the time to obtain the result you want. Best of luck to you.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
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How long will it take?

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If your teeth are sensitive a full exam should be completed in order to determine the cause of the sensitivity. Once that is determined and treated it should be safe to brighten your teeth in the matter that you and your dentist decides. I would not recommned it before that is completed.


Roderick Cooper, DDS
Atlanta Dentist

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