How Long Do You Have to Wear the Compressed Garment After Cellulaze Surgery and when Can You Resume Taking Baths?


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Post Cellulaze

Hello. In my plastic surgery practice we encourage all Cellulaze patients to wear a compression garment for about a week or so to help minimize swelling and bruising. If your surgeon put in stitches to your incisions you should wait until they are removed before taking a bath but if he or she did not you should wait about 7 days. Hope this helps!

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Cellulaze aftercare

We recommend that patients wear their compression garments for at least the first 3 weeks after Cellulaze.  Some patients choose to wear spanx or comparable garments for another few weeks to help with any residual swelling they may experience.  You can begin showering the day after your procedure but we would recommend waiting about a week to take a bath or submerging in water until the incision sites are healed.

Grant Stevens, MD
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Cellulaze and compression garment

It is recommended to wear the compression garment for a full week only removing when you shower. If you want to take a bath make sure the incisions are healed fully before submerging into water.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
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Cellulaze-Baths and garments

After doing many of these cases I have found that bathing after 24-36 hours is not a problem.  I start Manual Lymphatic Drainage(MLD) on the patient the day after the procedure.  With my current protocol the compression garment can be removed after 2 weeks and used only if the patient is very active during the day.  If the patient elects not to have LMD I keep the compression garment on longer.

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How Long Do You Have to Wear the Compressed Garment After Cellulaze Surgery and when Can You Resume Taking Baths?

Always best to follow your chosen surgeon's protocols. But in my practice I allow bathing very early like day 2. As for garment, the longer the better. Agsin in my practice 3 months on average changing to a SPANX for more comfort. I also recommend aggressive lymphatic massages and external ultrasound therapy. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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