How Long to Wear a Surgical Bra?

I recently got BA and was instructed to wear the surgical bra with the band for 3 months. I've read blogs and comments about other patients only being required to wear it for 2 or 6 weeks. Some were instructed not to wear a bra at all after the first week to allow the implants to drop. I kmow there isn't a consensus on this but with 350ccs, how long would it be reasonable to wear a normal sports bra? Thank you for your guidance!

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Breast Augmentation - How long to wear surgical bra

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At the first few visits after surgery, I evaluate each patient.  If  the implant is in perfect position I recommend a bra to support the perfect location.  If the implants are high then I have different recommendations.  I don't frequently band and bra together unless I do a breast augmentation and breast lift together.  I don't recommend a jog bra or sports bra due to the direct pressure to the implant- it seems to smash everything pushing it down and out.  Every patient is different and each outcome needs to be evaluated during the healing process of about six week.  Best wishes!!


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Every practice is different. It has a lot to do with what each patient wants as a result. In our practice we tell our patients to wear a camisole for 6 weeks .

Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Listen to your surgeon

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You should listen to your surgeon. If they advised you to wear your bra for 3 months, then please do so.

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Sports bra after breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question. I often recommend that patients find a sports bra that opens in the front and that is comfortable to wear. They can take breaks during the day and I also encourage breast massage after a week. It is important for your implants to move around and develop a comfortable space (or capsule) within the breast. After six weeks, you can transition to a regular bra.

BA AND Post OP Bra

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Thank you,

As you heard from other surgeons, it is variable and each surgeon has his own protocol. The surgical bra with band is needed to keep the implants in its place without up-riding nor dropping in my opinion.

And that should be worn for 6 weeks and later support or any sport bra can be used for anther 6 weeks.

Remember that every case is different and the surgeon can change his protocol accordingly.

Wish you the best.


Fatema S. Alsubhi, MD
UAE Plastic Surgeon

How Long to Wear a Surgical Bra?

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Every surgeon has a different preference. I cannot tell from your question if this is your surgeon's custom, or if it is specifically suggested to you based on post op follow up exams.

At any rate, I would go by your surgeons recommendations over those from other docs who have not examined you. If you find the surgical bra uncomfortable, ask you surgeon about alternatives.

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Surgical bra after surgery

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There really is no set time frame like you have said. You should wear the sports bra for as long as you feel comfortable. I reccommend wearing some type of support not necessarily a sports bra to prevent earlier ptosis or bottoming out with time.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

How Long to Wear a Surgical Bra?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure. The question  regarding the use of bras is quite common on this website;  there is no “standard” when it comes to the use of specific bras or garments after breast surgery. In other words, different plastic surgeons may have different practices when it comes to postoperative dressings/bras. Therefore, best to check with your plastic surgeon.   For example, in my practice, patients wake up with a surgical bra in place.  This surgical bra,  although not attractive, is supportive and used for about one month after surgery ( Some of my patients have been known to burn the bra ASAP). Then, patient's transition to a soft sports bra for about 3 months. Wired bras are used when breast implants have reached their “final position” and patients have full sensation along the breast skin.   Best wishes; hopefully, you will be very pleased with the longer-term outcome of the procedure performed.

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