How Long Do I Wear Invisalign?

how long do i have to wear invizalign. Do Doctor's have payment plans? Thank you!

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How long for Invisalign treatment

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It takes 2 weeks per tray so usually 8 to 18 trays worth of treatment multiplied by 2. Also consider that you may need a mid course correction, or  some finishing touches. That could add another month or more.

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How long to wear Invisalign?

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It depends upon the treatment plan and yes, the doctor has in-house payment plan.
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3 months to 24 months but varies...

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There are several popular payment plans available to you thru your dental office or you can go online and apply in advance at Chasehealthcare or

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Time of treatment for Invisalign varies with each case

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Some Invisalign cases are very simple and are done within 4-5 months.  Some are very involved and can be up to 2 years (and perhaps more, but when they get that long, Invisalign is usually not the best choice).

Payment plans are a decision with each office, but 99% of the time there is SOME sort of payment plan option.  Usually it is credit based with an outside company, so ask your dentist or orthodontist for their options.

Length of Invisalign Treatment

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Every case is different, but ,on average, it takes about a year to get good results. As to a second question, absolutely, payment plans are definetely available.

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