How Long Should I Wait Before Treating Acne Scars After Coming off of Accutane?

I've come off accutane, and want to get my scars treated before they mature. Will results not be as good if I don't treat the scars right away? How long should i wait for treatment, i was only on accutane for 3 weeks, low dose 20mg.

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Acne control important before treating acne scarring

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3 weeks of 20mg/day of Accutane is a negligible dose, and one highly unlikely to affect either the acne, or to influence scarring.

From an Accutane perspective, this low dose should not prohibit you from undergoing elective surgical procedures if you only took 20 mg for 3 weeks.

However, it sounds as if you are still having active acne.  I do not recommend attempting to treat acne scarring until the active acne is under control.  You'll be wasting money and time, as more scarring is likely to come unless the acne is controlled.

It's very important to tackle the acne first, then move on to acne scarring.

Baton Rouge Dermatologic Surgeon
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Treating scars after Accutane

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If you were only on Accutane for 3 weeks, the suggestion is that you wait at least 6 months before considering treatment for your acne scars - and I suggest this not primarily because of the increased risk of scarring associated with having been on Accutane (which is low with only 3 weeks on Accutane) but because your acne may continue to be a problem in the future.  Unless your acne is fully under control and stable, treatment of acne scars is ill-advised, since further scarring is expected to occur.

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

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