How Long to Wait Between Smartxide and Rhinoplasty?

I had Smartxide laser procedure on January 15th. I have a Rhinoplasty and Mentoplasty scheduled February 15th.

From what I've heard the new collegen will start forming at the same time of the Rhinoplasty. Is this okay?

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Rhinoplasty after Smartxide Laser Therapy

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Waiting one month after DOT laser for the rhinoplasty surgery should be adequate. Your nasal surgeon should be aware of the laser therapy and evaluate the nasal skin prior to the surgery.

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DOT therapy and rhinoplasty

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Certainly let your surgeon know that you've had a session of DOT therapy (SmartXide), but it's hard to imagine that it would be much of an interference with surgery as long as there is no significant skin redness or irritation.

I've been a bit of a skeptic about SmartXide, though. Have you seen much result from it?

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Lasers and rhinoplasty

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You should be fine by the time of your surgery, but just to be safe, let your surgeon know if he/she is not aware of your skin treatments. Good luck with the surgery.

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