How Long Should I Wait to Reschedule Surgery if I Have an Arythmia?

I had an abnormal ekg and my doctor sent me to a cardiologist. I am being tested right now. I have been waiting almost a year for this surgery and only get a few weeks off a year from my job. I can only reschedule once before they start penalizing me.

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Arrhythmia and Surgery

Not sure what kind of surgery you are speaking of but this is pretty simple. Your cardiologist needs to clear you for surgery with a risk assessment. Everyone is at risk. You will either be low risk, moderate risk or high risk. When you are having elective surgery we all want to be as safe as possible. So your surgeon and your heart doctors should be communicating with one another as to what the risk is for surgery.

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It's certainly frustrating to have an issue that gets in the way of doing the surgery when you had hoped... but some arrhythmias are quite serious, and need treatment before a safe surgery and anesthetic can be performed.  Your surgeon is correct to hold up on surgery until your cardiac evaluation is completed.

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The answer really depends on the type of problem you have with your heart.  Many arrhythmias are benign and require no specific treatment while others are more serious and may require delaying your surgery.  You will only know after you have been properly evaluated by the cardiologist.  I give your surgeon a lot of credit for taking the precaution to make sure you are safe during surgery.

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Arrythmia and Cosmetic Surgery?


Safety should always be the primary concern. There are a variety of types of arrhythmias. Some of them are more significant than others. Your cardiologist is the best individual to determine if you are a reasonable candidate for elective surgery, the specific risks with regard to your cardiac status, and the appropriate timing for a procedure. After your evaluation by your cardiologist, there should be direct communication between him or her and your plastic surgeon about whether you are medically an appropriate candidate for the procedure, any specific precautions, and a discussion about whether it can be performed in an ambulatory surgical facility or as an inpatient at the hospital. If they both feel that you can proceed, the anesthesiologist should also communicate with the cardiologist.


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Different type of arrhythmia

Hello Cupcake,

There are different types of arrhythmias.  Some are not an issue and others require additional testing and intervention.  Your cardiologist and your primary care doctor will be the best to let you know when you are cleared for surgery (medical clearance).

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

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Tummy tuck surgery

I would absolutely check with your cardiologist and primary care doc prior to rescheduling.  It may be that you are not able to have your surgery before going back to work but if that is in the best interests of your health so be it!  Best f luck.

How Long Should I Wait to Reschedule Surgery if I Have an Arythmia?

Totally depends on the type of arythmia, the condition for your remaining heart and your overall general heath.   You need to be properly evaluated by your cardiologist and they may want to do additional tests such as a stress test,a Holter monitor or Ultrasound.   The you should obtain clearance for the specific type of surgery you are seeking from your cardiologist.  Good Luck

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Depends on the Kind of Arythmia

You definitely depend on your cardiologist to get the green light to go for a surgery, it all depends on the type of condition your heart have, and the medication you will be taking, Just remember that safety comes first and the aesthetic procedure can wait util you are in healthy condition to do it.

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How Long Should I Wait to Reschedule Surgery if I Have an Arythmia?

Your cardiologist will be your best resource when it comes to timing of the operation.  It may be helpful for he/she to communicate with your plastic surgeon.  Choice of plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, and surgery facility will all be important.

Make sure that you make your decisions with emphasis on safety not issues surrounding time off work…

 Best wishes.

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