How Long Do I Wait for Plastic Surgery After Failed Radiesse Non-surgical Nose Job?

Radiesse to the bridge of the nose left me with an unsightly hump! How long must I wait before I can now have plasic surgery (nose job) to correct the situation?

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Bump after Radiesse?

This is a tough problem, however I am currently publishing an article on this conundrum, where a patient who presented to my office after having Radiesse injected into the lower lid.  The patient was a Hollywood actress and could not wait the 10- 14 months.  We injected bacteriostatic warm saline in and around followed by non-ablative erbium laser treatments and broke the product down in 2 months!




Dr. Malouf

Dallas Dermatologist
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How long to wait for Rhinoplasty after Radiesse to nose created a bump?

  If you're only concerned about the bump that was created by the Radiesse, I'd suggest waiting for the Radiesse to dissapear at about 10-12 months.  Gentle massage may help this along.  However, if you're planning on having other areas, of your nose, improved with the Rhginoplasty then you can have it at any time.  The tissue dissection, during the Rhinoplasty, will expose and allow removal of the Radiesse.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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