How Long to Wait for Lasik After Levator Resection?

I had levator rescection and Blepharoplasty 10 days ago so, I am currently out of my gas permeable contacts for a couple weeks. I was thinking about going for a Lasik consultation because I know if I'm a candidate I will have to be out of my contacts for a couple months before Lasik. And I already have two weeks behind me. But, I wondering if it's too soon. How long should I wait after having this surgery, to consider having Lasik? Should I give my eyes longer to heal?

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Post blepharoplasty dry eye can affect LASIK treatment and results

There is no absolute time.  Post blepharoplasty dry eye can affect LASIK treatment and results.  Discuss with you surgeon.

New York Ophthalmologist
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Optimal time for LASIK

There is no formal recommendation for this but typically the longer the better. You want to give the eyelids enough time to properly heal in order to evaluate the final eyelid position before proceeding with LASIK. Having a normal eyelid position, and more importantly, a normal blink, will minimize the likelihood of severe dry eye from ocular surface exposure following LASIK. Your surgeon will determine the optimal time to proceed with surgery.

Christopher Starr, MD
New York Ophthalmologist

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