How Long Should I Wait to Get a Laser Tattoo Removal if I've Been Using Fadeplex, a Fading Cream?

I have been using the tattoo lightening cream called Fadeplex to fade my tattoo. I am now interested in treating my tattoo with laser tattoo removal. How much time should I wait to have a laser treatment?

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Fadeplex vs. Laser Tattoo Removal

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Skin bleaching creams cannot fully remove a tattoo, as they do not penetrate deep enough or have the capability to remove pigment that was placed into your dermis by the tattoo artist. You do not need to wait between using the cream and having a laser treatment. You can start a series of laser treatments (likely with a laser like the Q-Switch Alexandrite), as soon as you'd like. You will have much better success than with the cream. Best of luck! 

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

The Q-switched laser approach will work much better.

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You do not need to wait to have a laser treatment. The Q-switched laser approach will work much better.

Laser Tattoo Removal and Fadeplex

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Use of fadeplex should not alter the laser treatment of a tattoo, depending on the system.  You might have to wait a few weeks to make sure its affect on the normal skin has resolved.

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