How long should I wait to get larger implants? Will mine drop and project more? (Photo)

I recently got 350cc Natrelle style 20 (325cc in one breast) and they seem too small. I read of girls who had similar stats to me who ended up with D's and even DD's with these implants. I was a 32A, 118lbs 5'7" and 26.5" ribcage with 10.5" BWD. I would be happy with a full C or small D but mine look like a B cup. 350cc was the max that I could get in HP and would have to switch to UHP. Now, I am rethinking my decision. I am still able to fit into my size S bikini tops :( Any suggestions?

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How long should I wait to get larger implants? Will mine drop and project more?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

You should be aware that a significant percentage of patients at your stage of recovery will feel that they are "too small" or (less frequently) "too large".  This perception may be related to the fact that their breasts are compressed by dressings/bras and/or patients aren't able to see the entire breasts and their relationship to their full torsos.

I have found,  that with time,  as breast implants “settle” (drop and fluff)  that the resulting breast size/shape SEEM larger. You will be able to see this for yourself (later in your recovery) if you stand in front of a full-length mirror and “pull up on the breast skin and down on the breast implant";  as the breast implant moves into the lower part of the pocket and the nipple/areola move up,  the breast may appear to be larger in appearance.

I would suggest you wait at least 3 to 6 additional months before you make any decisions regarding the results of your breast augmentation surgery.  This waiting time will allow you to (potentially) physically and psychologically adapt to the new body image.  

In the meantime, continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon to discuss your questions and concerns.Best wishes; odds are that you will be very pleased with the longer-term outcome of the procedure performed.

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Do breasts look the same after dropping?

Two things happen and seem paradoxical. As as the swelling goes down there will be some shrinkage but at the same time as the muscle relaxes your breast projection grows. In general the breast shape and size proportionality improves..

Breast implants initially after surgery when placed in a submuscular position often give superior fullness that corrects itself with time, the "fluff and drop" phenomena. In reality the pectoralis major muscle takes a while to adjust its size to accommodate the implant as well as occasional muscle spasm which keeps the implant projection higher than its final resting shape. Additional variables include:laxity of skin, size difference during prior pregnancies, position of implant,size of muscle, and size of implant.
As the muscle relaxes the projection of the implant often increases and the breast shape improves. Massage and use of a superior placed elastic strap can often make this process go faster.

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Wait three to four months

Congratulations on your breast augmentation! You should wait for at least 3-4 months for your breast implants to settle before you assess your results. Please wait until then, as your breasts will gradually round out at the bottom for a more natural breast contour ('drop and fluff')

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It is a sage desition,and good courage to ralize it

natrelle is a very good implant, but iw ould have suggested to you perhaps  to fit it  with "high projection seize and shape," than means (by the spetial  projecting shape) with the same volume and weight  looks  like 400cc and seize D, so that is  excellent for your back and doing  excercise

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Wait 3 months before deciding to have larger breast implants

Thank you for your question.  You look very normal for this early after recovery from breast augmentation.  As your breast implants adjusts to your breast and body they will look much more natural and will look fuller beneath the nipple areola and in the lower pole of the breast.  It is also far too early to evaluate cup size in a bra.  Please be patient I think you will have an excellent result.

How long should I wait to get larger implants? Will mine drop and project more?

I recommend waiting at least 6 months from your surgery to allow tissues to relax and implants to settle into their relatively final position.  UHP implants put significant stress on the tissue.  It would caution against seeking an implant that is too big and too heavy for your tissue.  This can lead to excessive thinning of the breast and visibility of implant ripples over time.  It appears that you and your surgeon have selected a reasonable and safe implant for your size and body type.  

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How long should I wait to get larger implants? Will mine drop and project more?

Wait at least 3 months post operatively. Than consider 450 cc to 500 cc UHP implants in your case and written desires... 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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325 cc implants

It looks a bit early in your recovery and they may look a bit different when they descend into the pocket a bit better. Either day you'll have to wait about 3-4 months before considering a revision.

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Final result in Breast Augmentation.

Your surgery is so recent that you don't have to worry about the final result which you will start seeing 3 month after the date pf the procedure. Be patient and lets see how will they be after swelling disappear. Best regards,

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How long should I wait to get larger implants? Will mine drop and project more? (Photo)

It looks like you are just a couple weeks out from surgery which is really too soon to worry about final size and shape.  It appears that you are still swollen & firm, and your implants need to drop so, I know it's hard, but try to give it 3-6 months before evaluating your results. Over the next few months, as swelling goes down, your breasts will most likely change in shape filling out toward the bottom, getting softer and less tight.  Try to stay focused on your recovery and follow post-op instructions and re-evaluate at that time with your surgeon.  If they still feel too small for you, you can discuss your options at that time.  ac

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