How Long Should I Wait to Participate in Fellatio After a Chin Implant?

I am a female and had rhinoplasty and a chin implant (inserted through the mouth) 15 days ago and recovering great. I'm still swollen in my chin area, but no real pain anymore, and the stitches have dissolved. I understand I'm most likely not ready yet now to, but when should it be safe to perform fellatio on a male partner? I'm afraid of it being too abrasive with the healing incision. I know elevating my blood pressure this soon is not a good idea, so refraining from regular sex.

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Chin Implant and Sexual Activity?

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Thank you for the question.

I would refrain from this type of activity until cleared by your plastic surgeon after in person examination. You want the incision line to be completely healed to avoid problems with wound healing and/or infection.  Either would be a serious  complication with an underlying chin implant present.

Best wishes.

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