How Long Is It Necessary to Wait for Rhinoplasty Revision to Fix Only Nostril?

I had a open revision rhinoplasty a month ago (closed primary, July 2011). Goal was to narrow the tip & nostrils more, but primarily to fix my left nostril, which looked collapsed & triangular in comparison to the right. My nostrils were fine before primary. My surgeon put septal grafts in attempt to fix the issues, but there is no difference. At 2 weeks, he said it's best not to discuss plans until 6 months post op. I just want the one nostril fixed. What could have caused septal graft failure?

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How Long Is It Necessary to Wait for Rhinoplasty Revision to Fix Only Nostril?

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It is very common to wait 6-12 months before revising a rhinoplasty result. I can't comment specifically on your results without seeing photos and learning more details about the procedure. However, I can say that in general there is a fine line between adding structure (cartilage) to the nose to support and re-shape the nose and adding excessive structure. In some cases, cartilage grafts can be reabsorbed following surgery. In addition, a cartilage graft can be placed perfectly and function very nicely but not be strong enough to counteract the soft tissue "memory" resulting in a less successful result. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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