How Long I Have to Wait for a Lipo After a Baby? (photo)

Im 30 years 5'7 and 148 punds im looking to do a lipo and fat trasnfer. my last baby is 6 month 2 weeks. now (04/24/12

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Do exercises to tighten your abdominal muscles for 6 months to one year.

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If you do not see a flattening of your tummy after doing abdominal muscle strengthening exercised for 6 month to one year, check with a well-respected Plastic Surgeon in your area to discuss a tummy tuck.  I don't think liposuction will achieve the results you want because of the laxity of your abdominal muscles in this photo.

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Liposuction probably not the answer for the abdomen after pregnancy.

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After pregnancy, 3 potential issues exist on the prominent abdomen: 1) laxity of the abdominal wall 2) subcutaneous fat 3)surplus skin.  Liposuction only deals with the fat.  Most patients (including the one pictured) need to have all three problems addressed to get a flat abdomen.

Liposuction After Having A Baby

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In general, I would wait 3-6 months to allow for post partum accumulation of fat tissue during pregnancy to restore before considering liposuction which obviously is only for isolated areas.

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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Liposuction after pregnancy.

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I usually wait 6 months to a year after pregnancy to perform abdominal surgery. However, the photograph suggests that liposuction alone is not the indicated procedure as there is significant bulging of the muscles that needs to be addressed to flatten the tummy.


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Based upon your lateral view that you posted, it looks like you are relatively thin with a very weak abdominal musculature.  Try to gee the muscle tone back in the gym, but if their is a large diastasis, you may be a candidate for a tummy tuck.

Surgery after pregnancy

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After viewing your photo I would suggest consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon as it appears you may wish consider a tummy tuck vs. liposuction depending on your goals for surgery.  As long as you are finished breastfeeding, it should be safe for you to move forward with your surgery plans at this point.

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
Katy Plastic Surgeon


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Please see a board certified plastic surgeon for consultation. Your picture shows significant rectus diastasis (laxity of tummy muscles) which requires some form of tummy tuck surgery to give you a flatter tummy. Liposuction will not thelp this. Good Luck!

Do you want a flat abdomen after pregnancy?

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You need to be examined by a plastic surgeon but from your photo I'd bet almost all of the roundness you are displaying is from muscle laxity from pregnancy and not from extra fat.  If that is true, a tummy tuck is needed to get a flat abdomen because liposuction does nothing to help your muscles.

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