How Long Do I Have to Wait for Breast Tissue Expansion on the Opposite Side?

I had an uplift on left side and tissue expansion on right. However now I have to undergo tissue expansion on left side as its even more asemetric. They knew this would have to be done at my follow up but did not give me a time frame. All I know is I'm getting my implant for right side up to 3 months after expansion. Now I have to use enhancers with no answer as to when it will be fixed I'm so upset and confused. My expander is now a strange shape flopping to the right please help me surgeon not

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Concerns about Plans for Breasts Reconstruction?

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Thank you for the question but you will find that online consultants will not be able to be very helpful to you. It sounds like you need to spend more time with your plastic surgeon  gaining an understanding of the planned procedure,  timing of the planned procedure and any other issues/questions that you may have.

 I would suggest that you call your plastic surgeon's office and request this additional time.

 Best wishes for a long term outcome that you are very pleased with.

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