How Long Should I Wait for Acne Scars /discoloration to Go Away?

I finished 6 months of Accutane in January. I was told I had mostly hyper pigmentation but have a few textural scars. My doctor told me I could resume using Retin-A-Micro to speed up the healing time and if I wanted we could discuss other procedures (he mentioned Fraxel). What is a reasonable time to wait, to see if the scars / hyper pigmentation clear up by themselves , before I seek additional treatment?

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Acne scars and discoloration after Accutane

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You can start using your Retin-A micro at any time and go in for your consultation about other means to treat your scarring. Most physicians recommend waiting a minimum of 6 months after finishing an Accutane regimen to work on the scarring and discoloration. I find this an excessive amount of time and usually begin within a few weeks of the end of the regimen. But at this point, you are good to start treating your residual scarring and discoloration.

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