Brazilian Butt Lift After Butt Implant Removal

How Long Should I Wait to Have Fat Transfer After Removing Buttock Implants?

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Butt Implant Removal Followed by Fat Grafting

After removal of Butt Implants, I usually recommend that patients wait about 6 months for the majority of the healing process to be complete. I want the cavity where the old implants were to seal closed so that the fat that I inject doesn't just fill up the cavity. If it gets into the cavity it will die. I always remove the capsule around the butt implants with the butt implants to provide  healthy tissue layers to seal together. Then I go back later and perform the Brazilian Butt Lift to give a beautiful and natural result.

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Braziliab Butt lift

After removing a buttock implant, you should wait till all is healed and stabilized before you can do fat transfer. I usually wait 3-6 months.

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