Going to Mexico - How Long Do I Have to Wait for a Second Round of Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

I want to have the BBL procedure done but I'm afraid that some of the u.s. doctors are overpriced! I'm considering going to Mexico to a Dr. Leon Campos who does great body contouring and excellent fat transfer results. I'm afraid that if I have this procedure done in the states that it won't be enough for the results I would like to achieve and It would be cheaper for me to have 2 rounds in Mexico than 1 round in the states. I am an out of towner so would like to know the minimum stay time.

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Going to Mexico for plastic surgery

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No doubt that there are excellent plastic surgeons in Mexico. To travel to another country for plastic surgery, must caution you on a few issues that you might've not thought about thoroughly. First of all, you have one body and do not take bids from the lowest bidder. If you have a complication, it is hard to just run back to Mexico and might be difficult to find a surgeon who will take on someone else's problem. In the long run a cheap surgery might turn out to be more expensive and might not be fully correctable. You have to feel comfortable with your surgeon, review the surgery, technique, look at photos (any postop photo less than 6 month to a year will change and will give you false hope about outcome). Good luck.

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