How Long Should I Wait to Get Buccal Lipectomy After Botched Facial Fat Grafting

I had a fat grafting procedure to my face on May 22, 2010. I hate the look, it makes me look like a chipmunk with fat cheeks. How long should I wait before I seek a surgeon to perform buccal lipectomy?

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Fat graft

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Mapair of malpositioned fat transfer is NOT buccal fat removal.

make sure there is no more swelling.

reoval of buccal fat is not the propper treatment of malposition of fat transfer. You need the fat that was injected removed, You need a very experienced PS to try removal of the fat.

You may need multiple procedures to achieve the natural look, because of the difficulty of the procedure to remove the fat. That fat was deposited in different layers and depth. In extreme cases you may need a face lift to expose all the fat.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Buccal Lipectomy and excessive facial fat following grafting

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Unofrtunately buccal lipectomy is not the treatment for excessive subcutaneous fat placed by fat grafting. Pardon the poor analogy but that would be like saying changing the mattress will get rid of messy sheets. These are two different condiitons and should be treated differently.

Don't rush in to any surgery after fat injections

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You may have considerable swelling from the fat injections and any attempt prematurely to remove the fat may make you sunken in. Try to be patient and give it time, another one to two months may give you a result that will please you.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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