How Long Should I Wait to Get a Breast Lift if I Have Possible Capsular Contracture?

I had a breast augmentation in mid-Dec., but need to go back in for a breast lift and I'll be swapping my implants in for larger ones. I was told by one doctor the implants I have now are capsular contracturing. My right breast does feel pretty firm and has never felt "normal". My doctor said I can get the lift anytime I want, but the 2nd opinion doctor said to wait 6 months and instructed me to do massages. I'm already on Singulair for my asthma. Who's right? Do I need to wait? And why?

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Breast Surgery Revision Options?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give you precise advice without direct examination. Every patient's situation is different and recommendations will differ depending on the exact patients situation and goals. Additional opinions will not hurt ( in person examination will be important).  At some point, you will be more comfortable with a “consensus opinion”.

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Capsular contractures after BA

Your implants aren't contracting; the scar tissue around them is.  It needs to be excised.  Whether your implants are in front of or behind the muscle affects the risks of having your breasts lifted.  If they are in front, excising the capsule and lifting your breasts at the same time is fraught with risk and should be done very conservatively.  I would recommend doing the two procedures separately excising the capsule and moving the implants first, lifting later.  If your implants are already under the muscle there is still some risk, but less. Massage will not soften your breasts if they are already firm and you are taking Singulair, but waiting a few (4-6) months to give your tissue time to heal is a good idea.  Neither surgeon is "wrong"; their opinions are different.  It sounds like timing is the only real difference and the difference between three months and six is more a matter of the surgeon's comfort level.  There is no "rule" about this.

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Breast lift and capsular contracture

I would probably give you at least 4-6 months to heal from the first surgery and then go ahead with the proposed procedure.

Steven Wallach, MD
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How soon after breast augmentation should I wait for a mastopexy and treatment of capsular contracture?

Are your implants in front of or behind the muscle. If they are in front, I would have new ones placed behind the muscle.

Neither plastic surgeon is "wrong" in their opinion (as you have described) since there is no one definitive answer. If your implants are behind the muscle now, when you have the exchange, the capsule should be removed when the new implants are placed and the mastopexy performed.

Given your history, I have found that immediate implant compression exercises and a 1 - 2 month course of high dose Vit E starting soon after surgery may help lower your risk of recurrence of the capsular contracture.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
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How Long Should I Wait to Get a Breast Lift if I Have Possible Capsular Contracture?

Very hard to advise without examining you. Such divergent opinions is of great concern. I recommend a third opinion, than rewturn to the original surgeon to discuss in detail your options from MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

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