How Long to Wait Before Having Second Liposuction Surgery?

Hi there, I had liposuction done about two months ago & I'm so thrilled with the results that I would like to proceed with having my back & sides of breasts under the arm.What is the recommended time to wait between surgery or should I have it all done at once.

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Second area of liposuction

Since you want to proceed with a second area, you are a candidate at this point provided you are healthy and not anemic. I would suggest using the same surgeon since you are happy. 

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Second Liposuction

I am glad you are thrilled with your results.  Typically I would advise waiting 6 months.  This allows all the swelling and minor changes to occur and stablize. 

Dr. ES

How Long to Wait Before Having Second Liposuction Surgery?

               If any of the areas overlap that you want to be liposuctioned, wait 6 months.  If the areas do not overlap, this can be done at any time.  Find a plastic surgeon with great experience and credentials who performs hundreds of liposuctions each year.  Then look at the surgeon's website photo galleries to determine who delivers the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Liposuction and second procedure

I think the time frame to your next surgery really depends upon the amount of surgery you underwent during the first one and how your recovery has been going. I usually will allow a patient to do a second procedure within 3-4 months minimum.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Liposuctions under local anesthesia can be done just 2 days apart now in a healthy patient.

Serial liposuctions when done under local tumescent technique to cover multiple areas of the body use to be done 1 week apart but we are finding that patients do just as well getting them done just 2 days apart and has the advantage of a quick recovery and getting them all done within 1 week so you are back to work just 2 days after the last procedure. This way you only have to wear the compression garment for the 1 month rather than 1 month for each procedure. This is in a healthy patient. It is totally different when doing the old method of liposuctions under general anesthesia. There I would wait several weeks between procedures to recover and see if i still have all of my marbles still with me. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD 

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