How Long Should You Wait Before Deciding on Revision Surgery? (photos)

I recently had jaw implants and am now questioning whether they were the right option. While they lowered my jaw I think they are too large for my face and given my small chin and mouth they make my face look swollen. It is only 3 weeks post surgery and I believe the course of steroids which were intended to reduce swelling actually made my face puffier. How long should I wait before considering removing or reducing the implants or having a chin implant to rebalance my face?

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When to Revise the Jaw?

From what I can see of your photographs, you have a nice symmetric result. If it is not what you expected, I can understand. There is often some degree of remorse experienced after cosmetic procedures. Allow time.

At only one month from surgery, it is really too soon to go back in to revise.

You are best advised to allow the swelling to completely subside and your tissues to relax. Wait a least 6 months before stacking on other procedures until the swelling has completely subsided from the first one.

Be well and good luck!

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