How Long Should I Wait B4 Scheduling Another Nose Surgery?

i had nose surgery 11wks ago(ear cartlidge used to reshape nostrils, bump was shaved down) my l nostril is too high, r notstril looks lower. i now have a new bump on the left side. i can deal with the bump but the different size notsrils make my nose look deformed (very noticable). its embarrassing going to work looking like this. md already said it wont improve .. how long should i wait b4 i can have another surgery to correct this prob? would it be a easy fix? or difficult to correct prob?

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How long should you wait for a revision?

You should wait at least a year to revise the nose. That being said, if the revision is small, these can sometimes be done earlier, at 10 months or so.

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How Long Should I Wait B4 Scheduling Another Nose Surgery?

 You should wait at least the minimum time of 6 months before having a Revision Rhinoplasty.  You can begin to have second opinions regarding the possibility of a Revision Rhinoplasty in the meantime if you do not wish to return to your Rhinoplasty Surgeon.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Revision rhinoplasty

I think that with any revision rhinoplasty, you should wait at least one year after your surgery so that the tissues are soft and pliable to undergo a revision.

Steven Wallach, MD
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One year

You should wait at least one year for two reasons: 1. is you need to give your nose time to heal, 2. to see if you will get to like your nose.  It is definitely too early to think of another nose surgery.

Andre Aboolian, MD
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Revision for Nostril Asymmetry after Rhinoplasty

While most rhinoplasty revisions should wait at least six months, if not more, select problems may be able to be treated earlier. Whether this is possible for nostril asymmetry depends on the exact problem. Most likely it is going to be one of alar rim retraction and/or soft triangle asymmetry. That may be addressed with cartilage grafting to support lowering the retracted tissues. This does not requires redoing another open rhinoplasty.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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How Long to Wait Before Having a Revision Rhinoplasty

Hi Monks,

You should wait from 6 to 12 months after rhinoplasty before having a revision rhinoplasty.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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Generally, you should wait at least 6 months.  Ideally, you would wait 12 months.  It is difficult to comment on how easy/hard the revision would be without any pictures.


Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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Revision Rhinoplasty #nosejob

I would not consider any type of revision surgery for at least one year in the nose. I would suggest that the nose needs quite some time to allow scars to mature internally to make any type of revision surgery easier. I would also allow your nose ample time to recover. You are very early in the process of healing and would not consider any needed changes until swelling resolves which can take months. Just hang in there and let things heal first.

Richard J. Brown, MD
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Wait at least six to twelve months before secondary nose surgery

The rule is to wait six months and twelve is even better for an revision after rhinoplasty. It will take this long for all the tissue to fully soften and give you a better chance for successful revision.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty swelling takes 6-12 months to recede.

Rhinoplasty swelling takes 6-12 months to recede. So wait a minimum of 6 months. See a very experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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