How Long Do I Wait After Having TT Surgery W/ Breast Revision, to Do Lipo on Thighs/knees?

I am mid 40s,about 110lb/5 ft

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How Long Do I Wait After Having TT Surgery W/ Breast Revision, to Do Lipo on Thighs/knees?

I would suggest waiting until you are essentially back to normal before you go through more surgery that will again limit your activity. These are elective surgeries and should be done under the best possible conditions.

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Timing between multiple procedures

It is good to wait at least three months between procedures such as tummy tuck/breast surgery and liposuction of the thighs and/or knees

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Additional surgery

If patients want mutlple procedures and need to stage them, I usually have them wait a 3-4 months between procedures provided that they had no complications and there blood counts are OK.

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Two Staged Procedures and Timing?

Thank you for the question.

You are wise to have broken up the planned procedures into more than one stage.

There are no specific guidelines for waiting time in between surgical procedures. In my opinion, you will be better off waiting at least 2 months in between the procedures. This will allow you to be healed after the 1st operation and allow for any position changes during the 2nd operation to be done safely.  Anesthesia concerns will also be decreased.

I hope this helps.

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