To have a Breast Lift, how long should I wait after I'm done with breast feeding?

I'm planning to have a breast lift and would like to know how long should I wait after I'm done breast feeding to achieve the best results with the procedure?

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Breast lift after breast feeding

Thanks for your question.  I normally recommend patients wait six to twelve months before proceeding with breast lift surgery.  Its important to allow enough time for your body and your breasts to settle after all the changes from pregnancy and breast feeding.  Its also ideal to be at your normal weight in order to achieve the best aesthetic outcome.

Breast lift after breast feeding

I generally require patients to wait 2-3 months following breast feeding before performing a breast lift or breast augmentation.

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Breast surgery after breast feeding

Most surgeons will, I believe, recommend that you wait at least six montha after lactation to have breast surgery.  Select your sugreon carefully and your surgeon will give you good advice.

Michael B. Tantillo, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon
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To have a Breast Lift, how long should I wait after I'm done with breast feeding?

Congratulations on the Baby!!! I suggest waiting 6 - 9 months before proceeding with breast lift surgery.  Your milk needs to be dried up as well as the changes in your breasts need to have subsided.  Your body requires time to heal following pregnancy. Make an appointment with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area.  During your consultation you will be advised of your surgical options to receive the results you are looking to achieve.

Breast surgery after breast feeding

Any elective breast surgery should be postponed until at least 3 if not 6 months after you are finished breast feeding.  Your breast size and shape may continue to change during that period of time and your breasts should be stable at the time that you have your surgery.

Breast lift after nursing.

Most recommend 3 to 6 months after cessation of nursing.  Breasts should be back to normal by exam, and your weight should be close to normal.

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Breast feeding and breast lift

Most experts recommend a time period of 6 months after stopping breast feeding to let the breast return to normal shape, size and contour, prior to having a breast lift operation.

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Wait at least 6 months after finished breast-feeding before breast lift

It takes time for your breast to readjust after cessation of breast-feeding.  It is most important that your breasts have finished involuting or becoming smaller and that the maximum amount of sagging that can occur has finished.  Generally speaking 6 months is a recommended time but in some patients who is breasts continue to get smaller it may take a year before the process is stabilized.

It is also important that you wait until the fatty tissue on your body caused by pregnancy has been lost.  Again this occurs in 6 months with some patients but can take up to a year.

How long after cessation of breastfeeding for a breast lift?

6 months is the generally agreed time period after you have stopped breast feeding, before undergoing a breast lift operation. However, you should also ensure that your weight has returned to a steady state.

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To have a Breast Lift, how long should I wait

Thanks for your question.
Ideally 6 months is necessary for your breasts to settle.
So 6 months after your cease breast feeding, you can plan your Breast Lift Surgery.
Hope this helps

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