How Long to Wait After Revision Rhinoplasty to Get a Scar Revision on the Columella?

How long after an open revision rhinoplasty would I have to wait to do a scar revision on the columellar scar? I'm nearly 3 months post-op right now. The scar was a "step" incision from my primary rhinoplasty and looks awful. The revision specialist did an excellent job and I'd like to ask him to do a scar revision/laser treatment if applicable. Previously I had an erbium laser treatment from my primary rhinoplasty doctor and it made the scar worse and look red, even 1.5 years later.

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When to do columellar scar revision

I typically recommend waiting 1 year before considering scar revision. In some instances I'll perform scar dermabrasion in the 2-3 month postop time frame, but it is very rare that I'll do this with a columellar scar. Since you're happy with the care from your revision surgeon, I would follow his advice.

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