How long to wait after a Phenol Peel to get Juverderm?

I would like to get Juverderm again, but had a Phenol Peel approximately 3.5 weeks ago. It seemed that a couple areas where I had Juverderm done seemed to loose the filler. (I had done Juverderm about 1 month prior to the peel) So I would like to redo it, when is it safe to have Juvederm done again? thx

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Timing of Juvederm after a Phenol Peel

Once your skin has healed over - which it should be at 3 weeks - you should be fine to have any injectable filler. It is best to have the same provider who did your peel do the filler, or at least check with your peeler to ensure they are comfortable with your being treated.

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