How Long Should I Wait After Ear Sugery Before I Can Exercise?

3 weeks ago I received a blow with a bottle, I needed 25 stitches to my ear. The cartilage was pierced. I would like to resume martial arts training, minus the full contact element for now. So heavy cardio with fast movements, but little to no physical contact for 2 or 3 months. Would I be OK to resume this form of training? Or should I give my ear more time to heal? Thank you.

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Working out after trauma to the ear

You really should get the clearance of your surgeon to resume activity.  With the information you have provided here, I would think that you are OK to resume cardio vascular training.  Protect the ear as much as possible for the best healing possible.

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Go for it!

You should be fine resuming that type of activity. Avoid contact sports for at least another 4-6 weeks as well as swimming for another week at least. Make sure you also protect the wound from the sun to avoid worsening appearance of the scar!!!

Good luck!

External ear injury and activity

There is no reason that you can't do full cardio with fast movements and weight training.  Avoiding further trauma to the ear for at least the next 2 months would give it a chance to heal completely.  As you know trauma to the outer ear can cause a blood clot to form under the skin and if not drained immediately, a cauliflower or wrestler's ear.  I am not sure if this injury makes it more likely for a hematoma to happen in the future but if it should then I would encourage immediate medical consultation.

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