How Long Should I Wait After Dysport to Try to Become Pregnant?

I had Dysport injections in March. I'm getting married in April. How long should my fiance and I wait after the wedding before we start trying to get pregnant? I want to make sure that I'm "in the clear" from the Dysport.

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Dysport / Botox and Pregnancy

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The Answer - Night of the wedding.

It is prohibitively expensive to prove complete safety of drugs in the developing fetus. As a result, a very large segment of drug companies prefer to save the huge testing costs ad instead post generic warnings that their drugs have not been tested in pregnant women and the safety to the fetus has not been established and therefore these agents should not be used in pregnant women.

The moment Dysport and Botox are injected, they attach permanently to muscle receptors. They do NOT travel through your body. As such they pose no risk to SUBSEQUENT pregnancies allowing you to start trying whenever you and your husband feel the time is right.

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