How Long Should I Wait After Dermaroller to Start Accutane?

I have recently had a few large scars form on my face (after acne), my dermatologist said i should start accutane. However i read you cant do invasive procedures up to a year finishing the course, so would it be advisable to treat the forming scars now (whilst they are still 'fresh') and then go onto the accutane. (My acne at the moment is quite well controlled and scarring is at a minimum, but the derm said to go on the course to prevent further scarring as ive had acne for over 5 years now) Thank you for your help

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Accutane and scarring

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To be safe, it would be wise to wait at least 6 months after any invasive procedure such as dermarolling before beginning a course of Accutane in order to minimize any risk of scarring.

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Control acne before attempting to treat acne scars

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We see many patients with both acne and acne scarring in your situation, and I always advise patients to treat the existing acne and get it under control before attempting to treat the scars for a few reasons:

1. You will continue to develop more scars if you're acne is not under control, so treating you existing ones doesn't help much in the long run if you continue to develop new ones.

2. Acne scarring is a complex problem that can take many types of treatment and several sessions to improve. There's no single magic treatment, including scar rolling, that will make it disappear, so you would be well served to complete accutane and then work on the scarring after that.

I agree with your dermatologist. Address the root problem, the acne, first, and then focus on the scarring, beginning 6 months after finishing accutane.

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