How long should I wait after cheek implant surgery to fly home?

I'm planning a cheek augmentation procedure this winter in a city about a 3.5 hour flight away. It is the only procedure being performed at the time of surgery. How long should I wait to fly back home, considering the aesthetic issue of swelling won't concern me?

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Airplane traveling right after cheek implants

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Nowadays it is common for patients to undergo facial surgery outside their local home area (requiring transportation by air). Due to multiple reasons, patients would like to fly back home shortly after the surgical procedure. The timing when the patient can fly back home should be determine by a careful discussion between the board certified plastic surgeon and the patient. This discussion should be centered in the patient safety after the procedure.

Any facial plastic surgery may develop complications shortly after the procedure is performed. The most common complications are hematoma (accumulated blood that may threaten the viability of the facial soft tissues), infection, pain, etc. Therefore, if any one of these complications occurs, the patient should be able to reach his/her surgeon in order to undergo physical examination promptly.

Out of town patients that would like to fly back home shortly after their procedures should always think about the possibility of of flying back immediately if complications may arise. Therefore, both the patient and the surgeon should take into the account these complication risks in order determine a safe timing for flying back after surgery.

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Flying home after cheek implants

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Seven to ten days should be an adequate amount of time to follow up with her surgeon before flying home. it's important to make sure there's adequate healing for heading home. For many examples and more information about cheek implants, please see the link below

William Portuese, MD
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Cheek augmentation and travel.

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You should ask your surgeon since there r several materials used. I keep my patients here for 1 week to make sure there is no infection.

Toby Mayer, MD
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