How Long Should I Wait After Accutane to Have Chin Aug with Filler?

I haven't decided on filler type; that is another question entirely. First, I am trying to decide how long after I stop treatment that I can have this done. (40mg for 5 months is the plan) I was thinking a month. I plan on actually waiting a whole year before my rhinoplasty; I am seriously paranoid about scarring. I would like to know medical professionals opinions on this.

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Chin Fillers After Accutane Is Safe

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Surgery is not safe after Accutane because the medication inhibits healing of the skin.  A non-surgical chin augmentation places the filler deep to the skin and muscle of the chin.  I use a blunt tip cannula that create minimal trauma to the skin.  For that reason, I feel comfortable doing a non-surgical chin augmentation while patients are on Accutane.

I hope this helps.  

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