How Long Do Veneers Typically Last?

hi, i have had my front tooth veneer for getting on for 8 years now, i am anticipating that at some point i will need to get it replaced, how will i know when that time is? i am also concerned, as it is a front tooth, if they remove the old veneer to do the impression, am i going to be left with no veneer while they make the new one?? or will they immediately put a temporary one on? i don't want to be without any veneer , any help would be really appreciated!! also cost? cheers.

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Average life of veneers is 15 years

I have been placing veneers since 1983 many of my patients still have the original set. I usually tell my patients an average life of 15 years.

Use and abuse of your veneers will effect longevity. Examples: nail biting, ice chewing, and forgetting to always wear your night guard.

Remember that whatever will crack a natural tooth will also crack a veneer.

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Veneers last a very long time

I have some cases in my practice that are over 25 years old. They look like they will go another 25, but you never know. When you get your teeth cleaned, the dentist will routinely check to see if there are signs of decay or breakdown. When that happens, it can be replaced.

Most of the time, a temporary veneer can be created so that you do not spend any time without a tooth/veneer, so don't worry.

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