How Long for the Upper and Lower Abs Skin to Look Smooth After Smart Lipo?

I had smart liposuction performed on my upper and lower abs threes weeks ago. My stomach is flatter but the skin appears irregular with lumps, bumps and wavys. It quite disturbing to look at. I work out every day and have a tone figure. Prior to the smart lipo, I had a small pouch but was still able to wear a bikini. I'm concerned my stomach will permanently be scarred this way. I'm starting to massage the area now. Will this improve with time and what can I do to assist it to heal correctly?

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Lumps may change for three to six momtha or more afyer lipo

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If you have many lumps you may not see much improvement but give it maximum duration to mature before you have it revised but aee your surgeon now for reassurance.

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Lumps after smartlipo

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You are correct that massage may help, so I would encourage that.  Give it time--it takes a few months to see final results after liposuction.  I'm a little concerned that you're already seeing so many irregularities so soon, though.  They may or may not go away. You'll need to discuss this with your surgeon at a follow up visit. 

I do hope you went to a board-certified PLASTIC SURGEON (NOT a "cosmetic surgeon").  Cosmetic surgeons are often not surgeons at all, and certainly aren't fully-trained plastic surgeons.  They are typically doctors in other specialties who have decided to start doing cosmetic procedures and calling themselves cosmetic surgeons--so your Family Practice doc (who likely hasn't done any surgery since medical school) is now doing liposuction, or your Internal Medicine doc, or an Anesthesiologist--you get the picture.  Buyer beware.  These doctors don't have multiple options for patients, so they tend to treat everyone with the one or two options they can do.  And they often don't have experience with revisions of problems.  If you didn't see a board-certified plastic surgeon for your surgery, I recommend that you see one for evaluation now. 

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