How Long Does It Take for a Tummy Tuck Belly Button to Heal?

Hi everyone. I am 31, I have two kids and a year ago I had a tummy tuck and liposculpture procedure done. My body doesn't seem to like scars and takes a very long time to heal. I developed hypertrophic scars and had to have injections in the tt and belly button scars. At first my belly button was a flat V and now it has improved and when I stand it looks like a natural belly button, but is still pinkish in color. However when I lay flat, it flattens out and has no "hole". Will this improve?

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Belly Button After Tummy Tuck

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The belly button is the last part of the abdomen to heal after a tummy tuck.  At the start of the tummy tuck procedure we cut around the belly button and leave it attached to the abdominal wall.  In doing so we remove much of the fat around it.  This reduces the number of lymphatics or the small vessels that return fluid to the blood stream and blood vessels.  This can cause the belly button to have wound healing issues or stay swollen for a long time.

In your case the hypertrophic scar was appropriately treated with steroid.  Unfortunately, this can cause hypopigmentation or lightening of the skin.  This typically does not improve with time and may need a little color added to it.  The issue of how it looks when you lay flat isn't likely to change.  I like to stitch the top of the belly button down to the deep muscle fascia so that it will create a concavity that is natural in women.

Bellybutton After Tummy Tuck

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I think what you are describing is a flat appearing bellybutton after abdominoplasty. In other words, you do not have a “inny” bellybutton. Generally, I would not expect this appearance to change over time (without  further surgery).

Best wishes.

Belly button...

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It would be helpful to see pictures of exactly what you're trying to describe.  Hypertrophic scars do happen around the belly button and I frequently find that the results from removing the scar is far better than steroid injections.  If you can submit a photo of the issue I can likely give you some advice. Good Luck!  Scott Newman, MD FACS

Scott E. Newman, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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