How Long Until a Top Canine (Eye Tooth) Moves? (photo)

After rounds of dental surgery and years of appliances, my teeth are all straight except my top left canine tooth, which is behind or inside of my bottom teeth. I have spacers or bite plates so that my bottom teeth are out of the way of this tooth, and a brace is drawing it towards where it belongs. (there is a space made for it). How long until it moves? Provided my bottom teeth aren't in the way.

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Tooth Movement Speed

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You will be surprised as to how well this tooth will most likely move into its proper place.  Give it a few months, and re-take your picture, and you'll certainly see the difference.  

But, when the tooth moves towards the outside and no longer 'locked in' on the inside, don't be surprised if the braces don't come off right away.  Sometimes the root of the tooth also needs to be put in the correct position.  

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