How Long Until I See Results from Liposuction and Scar Revision?

I was, a thin woman with extra fat around my waist, belly pouch and a vertical scar due to 3 c-sections, so I had liposuction and scar revision 5 weeks ago, around my waist is fine for me now I lost 2 inches but I'm concern with my belly that for now is the same belly that I had before my surgery.

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Final result of liposuction seen in four months.


1)  You have plenty of time for improvement.  So don't worry right now about liposuction results.  In Manhattan, we have done this particular combination several times with good results.

2)  It is possible that you may need a more formal tummy tuck in the future, to correct separated muscles or to remove more excess skin which can bulge.

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Liposuction is NOT the solution to a "belly pooch" associated with three pregnancies

Liposuction is NOT the solution to a "belly pooch" associated with three pregnancies. In the vast majority of cases, the pooch is the result of the tummy muscles having been stretched by the pregnancies. Although you may ALSO have increased fat on top of the stretched muscles, the main reason remains a stretched out abdominal muscle wall.

To flatten women with post-pregnancy tummy "pooching" the tummy muscles need to be "taken in". The ONLY operation which does so adequately is a FULL Tummy Tuck.. A liposuction will remove some of the fat under the skin but in no possible way tighten and significantly flatten the tummy. That is WHY you are probably right in concluding that "my belly that for now is the same belly that I had before my surgery".

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Results from liposuction and scar revision

Results are usually within 2 weeks. If you are concerned than post before and after photos or see the operating surgeon.

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Persistent belly after lipo

Without examing you it would be difficult to answer your specific question, but many times the dissatisfaction after liposuction with the abdomen is that an abdominoplasty was needed and not discussed preoperatively.the stomach muscle wall can get permanently weakened from pregnancy and weight gain. If this is the case, surgical tightening can help make the abdomen look better.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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