How Long Does Tightness and Numbness Last After Implants Are Placed?

Implants put in on 9/7/11 and was wondering how long before the tightness and numbness subside?

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Tightness and numb after implant placement

You can expect much of this to be improved in the first three months. It takes six months for all of it to go away.  Numbness can improve for up to about a year after surgery.

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Tightness and numbness after BA

Tightness and numbness should continue to improve. Usually by 3 months the breast has recovered by about 90%. If it is getting tighter, you may be getting an early capsule contracture and you should return to your surgeon for check-up. Feeling is also usually back by 3 months. If it's not it can still improve for even up to a year or so. You can help by gently massaging the skin. Give it a try.

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