I Have a Long Thin Face Are There Any Cosmetic Procedures to Make my Face Drastically Shorter? (photo)

I was just curious and I have a very long jaw line and my chin juts out quite some and my forehead is medium large in size and my nose is a little bit thick and I have very small eyes and procedures to help me? And they pictures arent too old and I look yound I get it a lot.

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Long face and large forehead treatment.

The vertical height of the chin can be shortened and your hairline lowered with the Irregular Trichophytic  hairline lowering procedure.  

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Options...oh yes!

It is kinda hard to tell by your picture the size of your jaw and the feels you described in your text. But, you are very pretty overall and to add fillers (Juvederm, Radiasse, etc) you can add volume to the mid face and change the focus of how others see you.  This is "art" and how we would approach your features.  As far as changing the size of your jaw, this can be done via a different type of surgery that we can talk about if you are in the Atlanta area.  It is very involved and really to address this you need to be in front of a Facial Plastic Surgeon.  Hope this helps and you can always call our office for more information, 404-Smartlipo.

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Long & Thin

Sure, mid-facial augmentation or fullness will give the appearance of a "less long" face by contour and shaping!  Lot of options for the mid-face.

Robert Shumway, MD
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