How Long Does Thermage Last in Eye Area?

I had Thermage done last June (about 11 months ago) at a spa, and I did not like the results. It was too tight, at first I had darkness, and I seemed to have an indentation or line in the tear trough area. I thought about correcting the problem, but I'm working if it will correct itself after a certain period of time. Will the tightness caused by Thermage diminish overtime? If so how long do Thermage results typically last, specifically in the eye area?

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Thermage and its duration....

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It's hard to say how long Thermage results last... it truly varies from patient to patient.  I am sorry you have not had a good experience with Thermage.  Typically, having a single treatment of Thermage there will be 3 to 6 months of collagen stimulation and tissue tightening and about 12 months of visible improvement.  Thermage does not stop the aging process, it just sets it back a little bit.  ;0)

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