How Long Will the Side Effects of Botox Last? (photo)

i was taking botox for migraines and developed symptoms of myasthenia gravis. i had a total of 5 sessions with 155 units of botox at each session from feb, 2011 through nov 2012. there was a lapse after the third session where insurance would not cover. i stopped the injections in november of 2012 and my symptoms are only getting WORSE. I have multiple auto immune issues and would like to be able to hold my head up again. what can i expect?

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Botox Side Effects

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If you are unhappy with the result of your Botox treatment or side effects, typically it takse 3 to 4 months for Botox to resolve. However some minor side effects can resolve quicker than that such as mild ptosis as that my resolve commonly in 2-6 weeks. I recommend only a properly licensed board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to inject botox.

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