How Long Will the Results from Smart Lipo to Last for my Thighs?

How much cellulite will Smart Lipo improve for legs?

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Smart Lipo Results for Cellulite

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Smart Lipo Results for Cellulite of the  Legs

Although Smart Lipo has been widely purported to tighten the skin, many plastic surgeons share my opinion that it is not much different than other forms of traditional liposuction.

Obesity, cellulite, stretch marks, a history back and forth weight loss, or loose, sagging, inelastic skin, are problems which would tend toward poor results during a liposuction. In fact, these problems may be exacerbated by this procedure and may be best addressed by other surgeries such as a leg or body lift (e.g. tummy tuck) to improve your appearance.

Basically, cellulite on your legs may either come out worse, the same, or better after a Liposuction. It all depends on the outcome of the procedure which to some extent varies from patient to patient


Liposuction and Cellulite?

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Thank you for the question.

“Cellulite"  refers to irregularities that occurred on the surface of the skin. Liposuction will not cure cellulite;  it will remove fat and reduce contour.  Patients with severe cases of cellulite  will not benefit from liposuction surgery and may require skin excision (for example  tummy tuck or thigh lifting)  to achieve the desired results.

Liposuction surgery removes fat cells; therefore, the results are permanent. However, if the patient gains weight the fat cells that remain in the area will grow.  Patients will experience long-term  results after surgery if they are able to maintain a long-term stable weight.

I hope this helps

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