How Long Does the Procedure Take to Have Fat From Your Back Injected Into Your Buttocks?

I am 5, 10" about 255 I have hips but not enough booty. I have fat around my upper back and lower back. Is it possible to have fat from your back injected into your buttocks? Also how long does the procedure normally take to heal?

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Fat Grafting to the Buttocks

The procedure of fat transplantation to the buttocks takes two hours or less to perform.  Volumes of 500-1000 cc are injected into each buttock.  Fat is injected in the muscle and in the subcutaneois tissue over the muscle.  The results are similar but slightly less in terms of volume maintenance to fat transplantation to the breasts, which we published las year in the journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (see reference).  Fat to the buttock does require you not put pressure on the area (sitting, sleepiing on your back), and this one of the biggest reasons we see the lower retention rates. 


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