How Long Does the Lift Last? What Does a Regular Face Lift Cost?

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Facelift questions

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A well done facelift should last about ten years.  It varies a bit depending on the individual's skin quality and elasticity.  Prices for facelifts vary widely often depending on what else it may be combined with, such as eyelid lift and forehead lift.  A basic facelift costs between $6000 and 10,000.  Quality of facelifts also vary greatly, and paying more does not necessarily mean a better surgeon or result.  There are many nuances that separate a really nicely done facelift and a mediocre one.

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How long does a facelift last

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The lifestyle lift as advertised is a trademarked minifacelift.  The average facelift lasts 3-5 years, however, can last longer if the other components of aging (other than sagging) are addressed and part of the post lift maintenance program.  A minifacelift can range between $4500-$8000 and a regular facelift can range between $8000-upwards of $15000 depending on the surgeon's experience, training, education, credentials, board certification, reputation, revision rate, and location.  In the end, you do get what you pay for.

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