How Long Do the Flesh Colored Welts Last After Evolastin Procedure?

I had evolastin radio frequency procedure done 5 days ago and although the swelling and initial puncture wounds have much improved, the flesh colored welts have not improved. In your experience, how long until these local areas of injury subside? Thank you

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Tiny areas of swelling on the skin after Evolastin are normal and will resolve spontaneously.

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Dear writer, After the evolastin procedure it is normal to have many tiny skin-colored raised areas on the skin. They represent the areas below the skin where the micro needles delivered controlled radiofrequency, which will in turn translate into future collagen production and tissue tightening. The initial swelling is due to early inflammation, and always resolves on its own, but may take anywhere from one week to a couple of weeks for complete resolution. We hope this information is helpful. Best wishes from Dr. Bowes in Miami. 

Profound RF welts signal collagen formation

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Hi 1996anon.  The welts are normal, surface a few days after treatment, and resolve spontaneously in 2-3 weeks.  They are a result of inflammation and herald the beginning of collagen formation. I have not seen them occur in all patients and there is no change in the outcome between patients who had welts and those that did not.  Take care,

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