How Long Do the Effects of Sculptra Liquid Facelift Last?

Are the results of the sculptra liquid facelift comparable to plastic surgery facelifts? How so?

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Sculptra results can last for up to two years.

Sculptra results can last for up to two years. Sculptra provides long-term volume restoration by stimulating collagen production, and can be a great choice in the right candidate. The results are not comparable to a surgical facelift, however. Facelifts address skin laxity, but do not restore volume. Sculptra addresses volume loss, but does not tighten the skin. Therefore a youthful face has both volume and tighter skin. I recommend visiting a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for an in-person consultation to come up with a personalized treatment plan that addresses your areas of concern.

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Sculptra Stimulates New Collagen so Can Last Up to 2 Years

Sculptra is one of those great products that many do not understand or give a chance in cosmetic dermatology. We know that Sculptra stimulates new collagen production and that with a series of injections to get the desired results, many people have significant improvement, with many noting improvement that lasts upwards of two years in many cases. Always have injections such as this in the offices of board-certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons and learn the different options for you and what is best. A surgical facelift will last longer than this procedure, but is more invasive and again, needs to be done by a skilled provider. But our fillers of today do great things, so see if this one is right for you.

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Approximately 2 years

Sculptra is an injectable for deep depressions of the face that requires multiple sessions.  The sessions are spaced between 4-8 weeks allowing collagen to be built up.  Usually, there are between 3-6 sessions that are necessary to lift and fill the face.  Sculptra lasts approximately 2 years.  It can be used with other fillers such as Radiesse or Voluma to obtain more instantaneous results until the Sculptra is fully working. 

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Sculptra liquid facelift

Sculptra liquid facelift stimulates your own collagen so it has longevity. The results from Sculptra can last 2-3 years. Sculptra however does not prevent the continued aging process that continues to break down collagen. If you maintain a healthy skin regimen, often including a retinol, and be very cautious about sun exposure, Sculptra will last longer. Sun exposure causes development of collagenase, which breaks down the natural collagen in your skin and causes wrinkles. It will also break down the collagen produced by the Sculptra. Facelifts last longer, but also do not prevent the aging changes.  Most patients who want to maintain good results, do Sculptra or other fillers to enhance the appearance of a facelift and make it look natural. Most patients would not repeat a facelift for 10 years.

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Sculptra results

The effects of Sculptra can last up to two years. In some individuals I have seen this last longer for them. This is a product that can improve the tone and texture of your skin as well as provide a global improvement to the volume in the face.

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Sculptra FaceLift longevity. It's about maintenance

Thank you for a great question. Sculptra is a unique dermal filler because it is a collagen builder.  The results appear gradually but last 2-5 years. The longevity depends on the amount of product which was injected and also on your current and healthy skin regimen and sun exposure. When you add Sculptra, the amount injected depends on the age and the degree of volume loss present.  You get older each year, and you simply want to maintain the effects of Sculptra by doing a vial once every 12 months to compensate for getting older. Your initial visit involves injecting the right amount to correct the volume loss and to add a little extra in order for you to look refreshed, the next visit is simply maintenance.  You cannot spend thousands of dollars and do nothing for your face for 2-5 years.  Hope this helps. Best, Dr.Avaliani

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Sculptra and Liquid Lift

Sculptra is a injectable biostimulator that causes your own body to produce collagen to aid in volume restoration.  The results from Sculptra can last up to 2 years.  Always seek treatment from a qualified professional.

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Liquid facelift and Sculptra

Sculptra is a great product for stimulating collagen production and producing both lifting and revolumization.  The physical characteristics of different fillers make some of them better for use in certain areas than others.  In certain patients, Sculptra may be used in conjunction with HA fillers such as Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, Perlane, or Belotero to obtain best results.  The duration of effects of Sculptra can last 2 years or more but this does require full correction in order to achieve this duration of effect.

Brian Biesman, MD
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How Long Does Sculptra Last for a Liquid Facelift?


Sculptra is FDA approved to last over 25 months as long as you have done three treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.  It is different from a traditional facelift in that it is creating the volume that we lose as we age.  A traditional facelift is separating the skin from the underlying muscle and reattaching it higher but not creating volume. 


Dr. Liu

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Sculptra Liquid Facelift

In the clinical trials, the results from Sculptra were noted up to 2 years after the last treatment. It is difficult to compare surgical facelift results to volume enhancing results, as they address different things, but if volume loss is is contributing to the majority of ones skin laxity, one may not even need a facelift.

Sabrina Fabi, MD
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